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M-H: Minami Aokagi by CiAndroid M-H: Minami Aokagi by CiAndroid
revamped this stupid kid :iconheplz:



Name✦ Aokagi, Minami
Nickname✦ Nami
Gender✦ Female
Age✦ 16
Birthday✦ July 26
Height✦ 5'1" (158cm)
Weight✦ 110.5lbs (50kg)
Sexuality✦ Hetero
Quote✦ "Minami Aokagi, reporting for duty!!" :iconmisakiciaoplz:

Personality Traits
✧ very stupid ✧ Cheerful ✧ Caring ✧ Friendly ✧ Hard-working ✧ Honest ✧ Open-minded ✧ Sensitive ✧ Obedient

✧ Curious ✧ Adventurous ✧ Bashful ✧ Shameless ✧ Clumsy ✧ Stubborn ✧ Scatter-brain ✧ Lazy ✧ Disorganized ✧ Easily Distracted

✔ Cats
✔ POCKY, Parfaits, Sweet Dango, Mochi/Sakuramochi and Daifuku (but she'll mostly eat anything)
✔ Nature (flowers, plants, insects etc.)
✔ Sunny days
✔ SPRINGGGGGGGG :iconuguufaceplz:

✘ Winter (because the plants DIEEEEE-- :icontrialofthedragonplz:)
✘ Seeing sad people
✘ Mistreating
✘ Bullies
✘ Cooking (she's the worst at it)
✘ Dogs
✘ Perverts--!!


Year✦ 1st Year
Residence✦ Home
Clubs✦ Gardening
Grade✦ 78%
Class✦ 1-D


Background Description
Minami Aokagi was born in a small town in Kyoto, Japan but then moved to Takayama. Her family consists of her mother, who was a florist back at Kyoto (she retired once she was pregnant with Minami) and her father, who works over-seas. She also has a big brother, who seriously has no goal in life (he's a graduate OTL) yet works part-time in a bakery nearby.

During their days in Kyoto, her father's company went bankrupt and they only had little for survival. Her mother was a few months pregnant with Minami and her brother who was still in highschool, was forced to work just to keep the family alive as their father desperately looked for work. They were soon kicked out of their apartment due to overdue rental fees. They settled in her mother's friend's home for a while at Takayama until they had enough with the help of the friend, by this time Minami was already born. Her father then came with news that he has gotten a job from over-seas. They were able to pay for the fee. Ever since, they've been living it off easy with their new house. Minami has never seen her father since.

When she was in elementary, she was bullied by her classmates, even the others from other classes. Being pushed around (and literally), saying bad things about her and telling her that 'her father never loved you, so he left you'. She was at her peak then suddenly pushed her classmate really hard that he toppled over a flowerbed. Of course she got in trouble, but her mother and brother understood what she did. Her mother thought of cheering her up a bit by showing the flowers she took care of when she was still a florist (they have a small garden in their backyard). Minami took interest in the flowers and how to take care of them. The next day, she went to school early and immediately went to the crushed flowerbed from before and took care of it. Ever since, she always took care of the flowers and plants at home or whether the school had a garden. After that, the bullying toned down.

As of today, Minami's life went great. She finally had the opportunity to see her father when he got a vacation break from work. They were both overwhelmed and the whole family cried their eyes out as they were reunited again. She took every chance she could get to bond with him to make up for the years they have been separated. Also, Minami works part-time as a florist near her home just to get a little cash for herself. 


Joong, Sae :star::star::star: (FRIENDDDSSS--//smacked)
- though being really awkward around him, she enjoys his company even though he's always busy with his phone. barely knows anything about him but she looks forwards to know him better :icongtthplz:

Minami, Sae :star::star::star: (friend)
- her first friend!! feels like she's her twin considering they have a lot in common and enjoys being around her. 

Sumiyo, Yumei :star: (stranger)
- no definite opinion about her yet. . loves food alot maybe?

Ishida, Akio :star: (stranger)
- doesn't have an actual opinion about him but she finds him quite ignorant.

Mizushima, Midori :star::star: (acquaintance)
- seems pretty nice so far, hope they will be friends. 

Shimizu, Makoto :star: (stranger)
- Minami was fascinated by his black cat-doll when she saw it move on it's own though he claims it doesn't move at all. He seems like a difficult guy to handle with.

Miyako, Kasumi :star: (stranger)
- finds her very nice and a worry-wart. still can't get over the cookie-accident, Minami will forevermore hold against this guilt. 



Doesn't seem to show any sad emotions. Sadly, I think she doesn't know how to be sad OTL 
She's shy around boys she's not used to be with, making her fidget and blush uncontrollably, and mostly avoid your gaze but if she finds that boy comfortable to be with, she's normal around them but can still be shy sometimes.
She reads alot of shojou-manga. Actually dreams of having such romance like that.
Usually seen tending/admiring some plants around the school during breaks or before she goes home she thinks talking to them helps them grow OTL and when walking home, she plays with the street cats around, and sometimes leaves some milk for them before taking off to school. She even gives them pet names so that she could differentiate each one she meets.
✧Expect her to make a fool out of herself, very shameless about it. ;;;
Consumes at least 2 boxes of pocky per day orz
Calls everyone 'senpai' even if they are at the same year as her
Has a very slight ADHD
Hates cooking to its core. She nearly set her house on fire by just simply boiling water.  After that accident, she swore her life to never go near the kitchen ever again.
✧Easily bribed with pocky!

RP methods (lit/script)
Skype *preferred
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