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[Illegibilus] Zia Pendleton [LEFT THE GROUP!] by CiAndroid [Illegibilus] Zia Pendleton [LEFT THE GROUP!] by CiAndroid
NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE  :iconnosnoopplz: :iconsnoopdogplz:


1 Galleon by row  Prefect Badge by row  Yule Ball 2013 Badge by row 1000 House Points by row Valentine's Day 2014 Badge by row 


Name: Zia Pendleton
GenderFemale ♀ 
Birthday: March 18
Nationality: British-Irish
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 5th
Blood Type: Half-Blood
Voice: Mili


                                                Sleepyhead | Timid | Naive | Bookworm | Hotheaded | Clumsy | Emotional | Loyal

Zia is a quiet person, won't speak unless in a conversation with someone. She usually mumbles when you talk with her. Although she tends to be very shy around others since she doesn't know how to properly interact with them, hindering her from making friends. If you do want to be friends with her, she will be on the brink of tears of joy and fiercely bestow loyalty upon you. She will do anything she could just to help out a friend or a stranger. She's one clumsy little girl. She aimlessly walks around while reading a book and bump into other people by accident. She's also a massive bookworm, she usually reads novels and the like. You'll see her often carrying one. On the other hand, Zia could get a little violent at times so don't go overboard will all the teasing and stuff. Sometimes, she gets very emotional over small things, but usually when you talk about her past.  She's also a heavy sleeper, she enjoys sleeping so much you'll find her asleep almost everywhere in Hogwarts. Usually embarrasses herself once you find her. She prefers to wake up naturally than being woken up by someone else because sometimes it annoys her.

✦Interests & Dislikes✦:
        ✔ Sleeping
        ✔ Reading (shove a book at her and she'll read it)
        ✔ Butter Beer (tried it once, loved it instantly)
        ✔ Chocolate (i recommend to prepare yourself from being tackled)
        ✔ Helping others
        ✔ Cute things
        ✔ Cold weather
        ✔ Animals (in general , but doesn't like cats that much)

        ✘ Silvester orz (sometimes pfft--)
        ✘ Bossy people
        ✘ Large crowds
        ✘ Jelly Beans (she choked on one before orz)
        ✘ Being watched while eating (it just creeps her out)
        ✘ Having to look up at tall people
        ✘ Her height //cries
        ✘ Cats (Willem ples)


Zia Pendleton was born in a rich family. They were living happily. Her muggle father, Jared, was an international businessman and her pureblood mother, Mary, was a Magizoologist. When Zia was 5 years old, her parents weren't much around due to work so Zia was with her sister, Sadie, most of her childhood. Sadie happily took care of her little sister as if she was her own. They did everything that sisters do together, through thick and thin and ups and downs. Sometimes they play with the other children in the neighbourhood. Zia literally became attached to her. Their parents came back from a business trip and were surprised to see the sister's strong bond with one another.

One day, the siblings were playing in the garden like usual although Sadie looked exhausted and weak for some reason. Zia called her parents and they found out that she was very ill. They confined Sadie in the hospital and made her have a check up. The doctors or wizards couldn't find out what made her sick and they feared it could be contagious. Being very attached to her sister, Zia refused to go home and wanted to stay with her sister until she got better. Her parents finally agreed, seeing no way to change her mind but warned her not to get too near her. They ordered a maid to look after her while she stayed there. During the weeks, Zia did her best to take care of her sister, even assisting the nurses checking up on Sadie. Sadie was very happy with all her little sister does but she was worried that she was becoming a burden to her family especially her sister. After 3 months, Sadie was rushed to the ER. She was suddenly shaking uncontrollably and her temperature became too high. After hearing the news, her parents rushed to the hospital and waited outside the ER. They told Zia to wait in the lobby along with the maid. After waiting for hours, Zia became impatient and ran to the ER with the maid running after her. As soon as she got there, the doctor came out of the room with the sad news. Her parents, along with Zia, were greatly sadden with Sadie's loss. Zia cried endlessly the whole night.

After Sadie's funeral, her parents couldn't accept the great loss that something sparked within their mother. As soon as they came home, the news were already spread throughout the neighbourhood and bid their condolences. Due to fear of losing another daughter, Mary confined Zia in her room, forbidding her to go outside the gates of their home. Her freedom became very limited. The other children in the neighbourhood were even forbidden to even see Zia as well and vice versa. Zia lived a lonely life as she mourned over her sister's death her whole life in 'prison' at a young age. The next 4 years became haggard for her as her mother's personality eventually changed ever since that day she was 'imprisoned'. Mary gave rules for Zia to strictly follow. She wasn't allowed to do this and that and also she has to be home-schooled. Zia was enraged with what she heard and fought for her liberty. This made Mary furious. She summoned her whip with the help of her wand. Zia received a few strokes from the whip, a few on her arms (since she didn't have anything to defend herself with) and a small ones on her legs. Before anything would get any worse, Jared came in rushing and stopped Mary from dealing any more blows at Zia. This left Zia completely traumatized and covered with wounds, Jared aiding to them. Her mother swore to make her into the daughter she was suppose to be like (since Sadie was now gone). One night, Zia was fed up with her life at home and snuck outside beyond the gates (despite being traumatised), managing to get past the guards. She roamed free but not for long. She found out that not only did the guards surrounded her home but throughout the neighbourhood as well. She was eventually captured and brought back home. Hearing what happened, Mary became much more furious than before and completely beat up Zia as punishment, worsening the cuts on her arms and creating new ones on her legs. Unfortunately, Jared was out in a business trip to stop her.

After 2 years, it was the day of Zia's birthday. Her mother even threw a huge party just to celebrate her 11th birthday. After the party was over and the guest went home, an owl suddenly appeared from the window with a letter attached to it. Mary recognizes this messenger owl and a smile painted her face as she approached it and took the letter. She happily ran to Zia with the great news, telling how she was excited to know that her daughter was a witch. Zia wasn't quite sure what she was talking about but nevertheless, she was just as shocked as her father. As her mother rejoiced, Zia thought this was a chance to finally break free from this 'prison'.

As the end of August arrived, her mother accompanied her to the Diagon Alley. Her loud non-stop talking about her days in Hogwarts made Zia feel irritated and embarrassed. They went into several shops and claimed the necessary things Zia needed and went back home to pack her clothes.. Maybe a bit too much since Mary was oh-so excited. The next day at King's Cross Station Platform 9 3/4, Zia happily bids her parents farewell as she was told to keep in touch before boarding the Hogwarts Express.

She was then sorted to Hufflepuff, considering herself loyal as to sticking by her sister's side until her last breath. Starting her first 4 years in Hogwarts alone as she was too shy to confront others and mostly writing back letters to her parents. Currently a 5th year, she decided to take the initiative to talk to the other students around and she was glad she managed to make a few friends. On the other hand, she didn't receive any letters from her parents no matter how she wrote back. Zia never knew what happened to her family then.


       Jared Pendleton - Father - Mud-blood (unknown)
       Mary Pendleton - Mother - Pure Blood (unknown)
       Sadie Pendleton - Sister - Half-Blood (deceased)

✧Students✧: (( slaps some cuties in here //cries ))

Dimitri Leschyov :star: (awkward aquaintance)

" . . . . . "  

Briony-Lin Teague :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star: (BFF)

" My best friend that treats me like a little sister, she acts so protective and motherly around me though I don't mind at all. I love being around her, it makes me feel relaxed. She's so tall too! why can't i be tall like her //weeps Yet, I haven't seen her around lately.. I wonder how she's doing.." 

Silvester Prince :star::star::star::star::star::flame::flame: (close friend / strong bro-sis relationship)

" This guy just seems to hang around me like he doesn't have any other friends to bother with. . . . but I don't mind-- his company is rather-- welcoming . . i guess. Even if we didn't have any contact with each other for some reason, he's still the same ol' Silvester I know and gosh he's being more annoying than I expected, but I'll just let this slip by for now. "

Hanna Edeson :star::star::star: (good friend)

" She likes my twin from another parent, gosh. I feel pretty bad that she ended up having such a difficult past like i did. . still can't get over the fact that she's dating that stupid Silvester though, besides, i haven't really seen them together-- as in to-ge-ther! " 

Pierre Rosier :star::star: (acquaintance / 'hero')

" he seems pretty nice though kinda scary . . but he was very cool the first time i saw him!-- I really owe him a lot. I wonder what he's up to . . ."

Amy Deas :star: (acquaintance)

" i. am. completely. stoned by this girl. i nearly had a heart attack! she's really into muggle stuff that i really don't know about.. kinda odd. "

Tristan Prescott :star: (stranger)

" why was i so rude to such a nice person //weeps// i have to pay him back someday for taking care of me while i was down with a fever . . but i hope we could be friends "

Adrianne Scarlette :star::star: (friend)

 " she's really nice and fun to be with though i kinda worried about her lax nature. " 

        ✧William Smith :star::star: (friend)

" Such a nice person! We had so much common interests too-- I hope we get to be good friends.  " 

        ✧Annie Bastet :star: (acquaintance)

" she looked kinda distant and pretty quiet too . . i don't know how to act around her but she seems nice. " 

        ✧Claude Larkspleen :star: (acquaintance)

" he seems rather lonely, I want to cheer him up somehow but nevertheless he's a nice guy. " 

        ✧Keira Flanagan :star: (stranger)

" not sure what say about her.. but i like her cute owl! " 

        ✧Xavier Veneti "Ven" :star::star: (close-acquaintance)

" ah Ven is a really nice fellow and so tall too! whyyy -- OTL he has this brotherly-figure in him that i really like. I get a dose of chocolate from everytime we meet I just--- sdfsdfagf //flails// " 

        ✧Lottie Maddox :star::flame: (acquaintance)

" Maybe sleeping on the field wasn't such a good idea. . . this girl is pretty scary. . " 

        ✧Casper Lyon :star::star::star: (close-aquaintance)

" i really had fun with him back then, building forts and all. i don't mind being friends with him . . " 

        ✧Catherine Featherstone :star: (acquaintance)

" using the magical plants for the sake of your humor . . isn't that bad? " 

        ✧Marie Sexton :star: (acquaintance)

" a very feisty girl, pretty weird but i don't mind being friends. " 


✦Elective Classes✦:

Extra Curricular✦:

        ✧ Aguamenti:
                    Produces a jet of water from the caster's wand. Can be used offensively if the caster is able to create a powerful stream
        ✧ Finite Incantatem:
                    Negates many spells or the effects of many spells.
        ✧ Avis:
                    Creates a flock of birds from the caster's wand.
        ✧ Oppugno:
                    Causes conjured objects to attack.
        ✧ Confundo:
                    Causes the victim to become confused, befuddled, overly forgetful.
        ✧ Episkey:
                    Used to heal relatively minor injuries.
        ✧ Protego Totalum:
                    Provides protection on a certain area from spells for an extended period of time.

Mix of jinxes, spells and charms. She doesn't like getting into fights, so even think about it orz

✦Wand Ingredients ✦
        ✧ Core: Unicorn Hair
        ✧ Length: 13in
        ✧ Wood: Rosewood
        ✧ Flexibility: Sturdy

her wand is excellent with Charms. she loves it to bits


        ✧ Always seen either looking sleepy and tired or just completely sleeping somewhere. You're lucky if you don't see her in this kind of state. orz
        ✧ secretly likes cuddling //slapped
        ✧ She never takes off her scarf unless it's really hot or if she feels like it
        ✧ If you give her chocolate, she'll act very childish and maybe hyperventilate //kicked
        ✧ Can be pretty.. violent to the point she'll carefully plan a revenge to get back at you orz
        ✧ She can draw pretty well.. but she's too shy to show it to other people except for her Art professor
        ✧ Till now, Zia still mourns for her sister.
        ✧ Her patronus is a dolphin.
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