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//slaps art in here occasionally//

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Little something about me

harrooo~!! I'm Ci and currently an AB Animation freshman in DLS-CSB! I enjoy art and roleplaying
i have tumblr too!

Heart Border [Black/White] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black/White] by RevPixy


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Kevin says

whatchu say about my bae



i know it's sudden but

Sun Sep 28, 2014, 1:31 PM

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i have to take a legit hiatus for now. i dont know how long-- ;;;
i don't think i can juggle this any longer so i've made my decision. 
focus on studies first and mid-terms are coming up in 2-3 weeks already.
i'm going to finish owed art whenever i can get my hands on some spare time this week or something-- hopefully!!

i'll be back soon!

make way for the shotas by CiAndroid
make way for the shotas


shotas gonna win this fight bruh :iconheplz:

Kevin Braxton (CiAndroid)
Beck Cross (Gruvu)
B9 - Kevin Braxton by CiAndroid
B9 - Kevin Braxton
GUESS WHO will burn the whole camp down on his last year GOT INNNN!!! :iconomgcryplz:



Ω Name: Kevin Braxton (Kev)
Ω Age: 18
Ω Gender: ♂ Male
Ω Height/Weight: 174cm / 54.6kg
Ω Birthday: August 12
ψ Godly Parent: Hebe [Goddess of Youth]
ψ Number of Years at Camp: 5
ψ Year Rounder/Summer Camp: Year Rounder

ψ Stats:  
    STR: 2
    DEX: 2
    AGI: 4
    INT: 1
    VIT: 1
count: 10

ψ Weapon: Celestial Bronze Spear [Juventas "youth"]

ψ Subtle Ability: 
    •Juvenile's Warmth
        -  Kevin is able to radiate energy that is passed on to others. This energy gives people the feel of 'youth', like rejuvenation, the feeling of being renewed as a child and just go out doing things a child does like you feel pumped up to do something, somewhat like motivation. This could also bring a feeling of nostalgia if wanted. However, he could only use this ability to one person at a time. Excessive use may lead to fatigue. 

ψ Fatal Flaw:  
       - Kevin may seem to be the type to "act before thinking". Well sorry to burst your bubble, but he isn't. When things go out of hand or get too dangerous, Kevin will most likely remove himself out of the picture. However, there is also a tendency he will still act out of his own accord. He doesn't like to be a part of something big in a sense that it would result to bad things.

Ω Likes/Dislikes: 
    + colorful things                        
- large monsters
    + hugs and cuddles                   
- death
    + cute things                           
- betrayal
    + food                                     - peer pressure
    + GIRLS //cackles                     - boredom
Ω Personality: 
Kevin is your happy-go-lucky and carefree type of guy who always wears a bright smile or a goofy grin on his face. He thinks wearing a smile would brighten anyone's day and so he does, which has come to be a distinct habit of his. Kevin is very much childish-guaranteed. He likes running around the camp and tease a bit with the other campers, making you wonder if he's really the son of Hebe CACKLES, especially when he thinks that it looks fun. Furthermore, he's also very much whiny and stubborn when things don't go his way.
Coming from a said trait from Hebe herself, Kevin is a bit clumsy himself as well--- okay maybe not "a bit". He tends to trip or fall over at almost everything-- well not everything-- and get hurt. Not only tripping over things, he tends to handle things very clumsily, making an impression of being inept. Though he doesn't seem like it, when it comes to training and other activities in the camp, Kevin takes it at heart and of course, a little bit of childish clumsiness wouldn't hurt.

tl;dr Kevin Braxton is a baka with a sense of duty //slapped

Ω History: 
Kevin lived with his father, an international salesman, in the city of New York. His father wasn't pretty much at home so Kevin is stuck with his aunt and uncle. But whenever his father is at home, he would spend those days to bond with Kevin. During his childhood, Kevin wasn't this kid who would go play with just anyone unlike what he is right now. He used to be such an introvert and quite an anxious kid that he spent his school days rather alone than with other people, but he had a small group of friends of course! just didn't hang out that much lol lonely kid The little boy would often ask about his mother to either his aunt or uncle or father as he observed with other children that they had their mothers with them, but each time he'd ask, he would always get the same answer. " She's just in a better place".

Years passed, Kevin made changes in his life. He became the jolly kid he is now. He knew someday he had to get out of his shell. Though as he aged, weird things have come to happen. He felt he was being watched for some reason and it really made him worry. He told this to his aunt and uncle of course, soon the news reached his father's ears. When his father came back from a short trip, the family gathered and this is where Kevin found out he was a demigod, son of the goddess Hebe. He was overwhelmed and confused at the same time. Since these grotesque figures have been starting to lurk around and watch him, it was best to send him to a camp called Camp Half-Blood. Kevin was excited and scared. Scared, because he was going to be separated from his family and he would be alone, and excited because he will get to meet other people who are demigods as well. 


Ω Family: 
• Kurt Braxton [father] - An international salesman. Cares deeply for Kevin and works hard to provide for the family.
    • Ashley & Brandon Williams [aunt/uncle] - Took care of Kevin while his father was away.

ψ Relationships:
Beck Cross [half-brother] - Another son of Hebe. Complete opposites.

• Olivia Aristov [acquaintance] - Blondie # 2. Fun to be with. 
ψ Beads Earned: ---

Ω Misc: 
 He's underweight despite eating a lot
• Slender and fit build but not scrawny
    • Unexpectedly aware of his clumsiness so he brings a packet full of band aids with him in case he gets hurt
    • He doesn't brush off his bed head in the morning
• He wears the sleeveless-type CHB shirt
    • gayPansexual //WINKS

Ω RP Methods: Skype, chatroom, notes[replies very very very late lmao]


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